How To Paint Metal Doors

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Your front door sets the stage for your entire home, so you want to make sure that it makes a great first impression. Metal doors are often preferred because of their security benefits, but they can eventually look faded or dated. Fortunately, it’s possible to update the door with a fresh coat of paint. Step #1: Preparation Counts The key to painting a metal door is in the preparation. Otherwise, you will end up with cracking or peeling paint. This is because the paint won’t adhere properly to a previously painted door. Combine this issue with the extreme temperatures that a metal doors conducts, whether from the heat of summer or the icy winds of winter, and bubbles and cracks are the result. Begin by sanding the door with a wire brush or steel wool that has a medium grit. You can also use sandpaper, although it may take a little more effort. You need to remove any paint that has already begun to crack or peel, and then rough up any smooth spots so the fresh coat of paint adheres better. Once done, wipe down the door with a damp cloth and then let it dry. Step #2: Prime Like a Pro The next key to a well-painted metal door is primer. You need a primer that is formulated for outdoor use on metal. You can opt for either a latex- or oil-based primer, just make sure you remain consistent and use the same base for both the primer and the paint. For more even coverage, use a light color primer if the final paint will be light in color, and a darker primer for a darker final coat. Apply a single coat of primer with a brush or roller. After it dries, sand lightly with a fine grit sandpaper. This roughs of the primer coat so the final paint coats adhere better. Step #3: Painting Pointers Once again, you need a paint formulated for outdoor use on metal. First, use a small brush to do the “cut-in” painting. This means painting around the door edges and around any decorations, such as insets or windows. Once this is done, use a roller to paint the rest of the door. Let the paint dry and then sand lightly with your fine grit paper. Apply a second coat, let it dry, and then step back and enjoy the new look. For further questions or to upgrade to a whole new door, contact a local door retailer for more...

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3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Might Not Be Working Properly

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Garage doors provide you entry so you can store your vehicle safely inside and out of the elements. While you expect them to work properly at all times, there might come a time when something goes wrong and you have to call in a repair professional. To help you figure out what is going on with your garage door, here are a few of the reasons why your system might stop working. The photo eye isn’t aligned properly. Photo eyes are on both sides of your garage door. Between those eyes lies an invisible beam telling your garage door when it is safe to shut and when something is blocking its path. If your garage door isn’t closing and there is nothing that is blocking the way, you need to make sure the eyes aren’t dirty. If they are nice and clean, it is probably an issue with alignment that needs to be corrected. Even the slightest of difference between the two eyes can cause problems with your garage door. The track isn’t aligned correctly. When the track isn’t aligned properly, it can cause a lot of problems. Your door runs along a metal track that allows it to open and close. If that track is out of alignment, it makes it to where your garage door isn’t going to be able to move. Anytime you see a bunch of gaps in the rails and rollers or along the bends in your rails, you have a major problem that needs to be corrected. The added weight from the door can end up compounding the problem and making it extremely dangerous for you to operate the door. There is an issue with the transmitter. If you find that your door is closing and opening randomly without anyone pushing the button on the remote, it can be a little distressing and frustrating. One of the first things that you can check is the transmitter. Check to see if they are stuck under anything that is causing the mechanism to be depressed. You could have shoved the remote underneath something in your vehicle without even realizing it. Test the frequency of the transmitter. Your neighbor could be on the same frequency as you are, thus causing your door to open when theirs does. While these are only a few of the common issues with automatic garage doors, there are other things that could go wrong as well. The best thing you can do is to turn to a professional to help diagnose the problem and get the issue corrected as quickly as possible. For more information on automatic doors, click...

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