Different Types Of Commercial Doors Available Today


Are you looking into doors for your commercial promises? If this is the case, you will discover that doors intended for commercial applications greatly differ from residential doors. This is because commercial doors are designed to withstand high traffic and must meet set standards. 

That said, choosing a commercial door is not as easy because first impressions last and matter in a business setting.  You also want quality doors that will secure your premises and match the purpose of your business. Here are four types of doors suited to different types of commercial properties.

Automatic Glass Doors

Adding automatic doors to your commercial premises makes it appear more professional and appealing to the public. Automatic glass doors that simply open when someone steps in front of the sensor provide a useful service that shows your daily visitors that you are willing to cater to their needs. 

Glass doors also provide an unchanged look over a long period, conserve energy, and require minimal maintenance. 

Steel Doors 

If you are looking for hard-wearing and cost-effective commercial doors, then steel doors are your perfect choice. In addition to endless options for attractive appearances, today's steel doors will likely outperform other materials in providing security, fire rating, sound reduction, energy efficiency, requiring little maintenance, and more. 

Steel doors also provide the best long-term value in demanding commercial settings. You can easily customize your doors to feature intricate designs or consider automated steel doors for improved accessibility and convenience. 

Aluminum Doors 

Aluminum doors offer a fantastic choice for your commercial property, with remarkable features for various applications. They make the best option for entrance doors and can be paired with glass to offer a remarkable visual appeal that will grasp the instant attention of the onlookers. 

Aluminum doors are perfect for sound and thermal insulation as the frame can be fabricated meticulously to help gain or reduce the heat inside your premises. They also provide a perfect profile for businesses that want a slim, sleep, and minimalistic appeal. 

Wood Doors 

Wood commercial doors are mainly used for interior applications since they are less likely to withstand high traffic and harsh elements in the outdoors. That said, wood doors can give your premises a high-end look that is less likely to achieve with other materials. 

Perhaps the most important features of these doors are customization options and the classic, natural feel they introduce to your business.

Whether you are looking into commercial doors for decorative purposes, security or functionality, ensure you choose the best material to meet your needs. Contact a company such as Baltimore Door and Frame for more information.


15 April 2022

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