Are You Changing The Appearance Of Your Small Front Porch?


Are you lucky enough to have a large, wrap-around front porch? If so, you have the luxury of adding things like rocking chairs and porch swings to add beauty to the porch. On the other hand, you might have a small front porch. That doesn't mean that it can't be attractive, though. Perhaps the front porch has needed a face lift for quite some time. Or, maybe you have just purchased a new home so you get to make changes and additions that suit your taste better than what is already in place. 

No matter the situation, if you have decided to change the appearance of your small front porch, from choosing a new look for the front door to adding outside decor, here are some ideas that might help you to make your small front porch look very important.

The Front Door - At the present time, does your front door look downright boring? Even if it does, you might not have to buy a brand-new one to spice things up. Think of just painting the front door a color you'd love and changing the hardware to match the color you select. The bonus is that door hardware comes in many different designs and prices.

For example, if you want a contemporary look, think about painting the front door a light gray. Then select silver-toned door hardware with simple, straight lines. Maybe you drove in the countryside around Boston and you noticed lots of red front doors. If you would like to mimic that Americana look, consider choosing pewter for the door hardware. Does Tuscany call your name? In that case, give your front door a rustic look and choose flat black bronze for the door hardware. For a lovely traditional look, try brass for the hardware on an off-white front door. You might want to check the selections that online dealers of brands like Emtek door hardware have, so you can see what pairings you might like before making a purchase.

Added Decor - Is there enough room on your front porch to place a pot full of plants on each side of the door? If not, maybe you can hang pots full of plants in strategic parts of the front porch. Charming statuaries might add interest to the area, too. For example, a statue of a small squirrel peeking from behind a small potted plant might be one good choice to beautify the front porch. 

Use the wall that surrounds the front door to add interest to the area, too. For example, if you went with a Tuscan theme for your front door, you might want to stencil on the Italian greeting, Benvenuto! with pretty flowers around it.


21 May 2019

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