Is It Time For Automatic Doors In Your Building?


For hospitals, commercial businesses, stores, and many others, automatic doors are the most appealing option. Aesthetically, they look sleek and professional, but you probably didn't know that they have a lot of other benefits too. Inclusivity It's just not easy to be in a wheelchair or have crutches. The last thing you want is a potential customer to be annoyed that they're struggling to enter your business. You want to make everyone, regardless of ability, feel welcome in your place of business.

3 October 2017

Hurricane Season Is Here: How To Make Sure Your House Is Ready For The Coming Storms


Hurricane season is here. If you haven't storm-proofed your home yet, you still have time to take care of that. Without proper protection, those high winds and torrential rains could really wreak havoc on your home. Here are four suggestions for you to follow that will get your home ready for the storms that are to come. Install Impact Windows When you're making plans to storm-proof your home, one of the first things you should do is order new windows, especially if you don't have storm windows.

30 July 2017

3 Reasons Your Commercial Doors May Not Be As Secure As They Should Be


From the customer entry/exit doors at the front of the building to the doors in the back reserved for employees, these simple business components often get neglected until there is no other choice but to replace them. However, the doors you have at your place of business serve a huge purpose and do deserve your rightful attention, especially since this is also one of the most commonly targeted areas for thieves and criminals.

5 May 2017