Is It Time For Automatic Doors In Your Building?


For hospitals, commercial businesses, stores, and many others, automatic doors are the most appealing option. Aesthetically, they look sleek and professional, but you probably didn't know that they have a lot of other benefits too.


It's just not easy to be in a wheelchair or have crutches. The last thing you want is a potential customer to be annoyed that they're struggling to enter your business. You want to make everyone, regardless of ability, feel welcome in your place of business. To make buildings accessible for everyone, businesses are rapidly all converting to automatic doors. If you don't want to cause stress and embarrassment for others, you should follow suit. To comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, you actually need to install automatic doors.


Whether you're bringing in a delivery or helping customers out the door with lots of bags, opening and closing a traditional door can be a huge hassle. You're probably tempted to leave the door propped open, but this is bad for the environment and your wallet. An open door allows cold air out, and warm air out, or vice versa. It also lets dirt, dust, and debris off the streets to blow in. You can easily eliminate these minor annoyances by converting to automatic doors.

Energy Savings

You may have been hesitating for years to install automatic doors thinking that it would cost you a fortune, but they can actually save you money in the long run. Not only is automatic door installation and repair a lot less costly than you would think, it can save you big time on your energy bill. Automatic doors close completely and seal, trapping your air inside. This prevents the outdoor temperature from getting inside and increasing your heating or cooling costs.

Size Matters

You can customize the size of your automatic doors much more easily than a traditional door because they're usually made of metal and glass. This means if you have a hotel, you can install huge glass doors that echo the prestige of your lobby AND are much more convenient for bringing luggage through.


It's the standard in certain industries, like hospitality, to have automatic doors. Not having automatic doors can make you look outdated and amateurish, hardly the impression you want to give off.

If it's time for an upgrade, don't hesitate to visit an automatic door installation and repair team to have one of these doors installed for convenience, savings, and curb appeal.



3 October 2017

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