Hurricane Season Is Here: How To Make Sure Your House Is Ready For The Coming Storms


Hurricane season is here. If you haven't storm-proofed your home yet, you still have time to take care of that. Without proper protection, those high winds and torrential rains could really wreak havoc on your home. Here are four suggestions for you to follow that will get your home ready for the storms that are to come.

Install Impact Windows

When you're making plans to storm-proof your home, one of the first things you should do is order new windows, especially if you don't have storm windows. Impact windows are designed to withstand the pressure that can accompany high winds and torrential rain. One of the benefits of impact windows is that you can protect your home without sealing yourself off from the world like you'll need to do if you place plywood over your windows. If you live in an area where plywood becomes necessary during heavy storms, you might want to consider installing storm shutters over your impact windows. Companies like The Screen Shop Inc can help you with the windows you need.

Batten Down the Roof

During hurricanes, the high winds can lift the roof right off your home. If that happens, not only will you need to replace the roof once the storm passes, but the inside of your home will be exposed to the storm. To prevent your roof from blowing off during a hurricane, have hurricane straps installed. The straps will secure the roof to the frame of your house, which will keep everything in place while the storm rages.

Inspect Your Storm Drainage

If you have storm drainage installed in your yard, you need to inspect it before the next storm blows through. Inspect and clean your sump pump to make sure it's ready to remove water. You'll also need to inspect and clean any French drains you have installed in your yard. Make sure the drainage cover is cleared of debris so that water can flow through properly. You'll also need to ensure that the drainage pit is cleared and ready to accept storm water. Now's a good time to clean out your rain gutters and adjust the downspouts too.

Trim the Trees

Trees can do a lot of damage to your home during a hurricane. If you've got large trees in your yard, you should hire someone to come in and trim them back before the storms come through. A good pruning will prevent branches from falling down onto your home.

Now that hurricane season is here, make sure your home is prepared for the storms. Follow the suggestions provided here to protect your home, and your family from the bad weather.


30 July 2017

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