3 Reasons Your Commercial Doors May Not Be As Secure As They Should Be


From the customer entry/exit doors at the front of the building to the doors in the back reserved for employees, these simple business components often get neglected until there is no other choice but to replace them. However, the doors you have at your place of business serve a huge purpose and do deserve your rightful attention, especially since this is also one of the most commonly targeted areas for thieves and criminals. You may think your commercial doors are secure, but you might want to reconsider. Check out this list of reasons your commercial doors may not be as secure as you think. 

Your commercial doors have been in use for a lot of years. 

It is not at all uncommon for business owners to keep the exact same doors they have had for years because by their appearance, they seem to look just fine. If your old doors seem to still function perfectly and still look good in spite of age, there is still one important factor to remember: doors also serve the purpose of keeping your business building secure. The fact is, not all old commercial doors offer the same industry standards that are now required where security is concerned. For example, if the commercial door has glass components, the glass may not be shatterproof or resistant to impact as it should be in a commercial setting. 

Your commercial doors are not very good at keeping your building efficient. 

Once your store is closed for the day and the doors are shut, take a few minutes to walk around them and check for drafts or hot and cold air. Even though doors that are not efficient may sound like a basic structural issue, non-efficient doors often have flaws in their composition that also make them more vulnerable to damage if someone was to try and break in. For example, a door with large gaps around the outside it would be easier to slip something through to try and pry the door open. 

Your commercial doors are constantly in need of maintenance attention. 

Sliding glass automatic doors, traditional swinging doors, overhead doors–no matter what the type of door it is, it will at some point need some maintenance attention. However, if you are having to get a maintenance technician to your place of business on a regular basis to fix problems, it is a good sign your doors do need to be replaced. Commercial doors that have constant faults are usually more easily compromised once the business is closed. 

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5 May 2017

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